6x12x20mm RAPTOS® Bone Block

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Raptos® Bone Block

  • Material: Mineralized cortical cancellous allograft
  • Size: 6x12x20mm
  • Shape: Block
  • Includes: 1/box
6x12x20mm RAPTOS® Bone Block
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6x12x20mm RAPTOS® Bone Block

Raptos® Allograft Bone Blocks
Raptos® cortico-cancellous bone blocks are instrumental in bone volume regeneration for severe bone atrophy cases that require an increase in initial stability for an implant site.


  • Osseous defects

Raptos® Allograft Bone Blocks
Raptos bone blocks are available in convenient sizes and shapes. Our cortico-cancellous blocks and wedge combine the stability of a cortical surface with the porosity of a cancellous surface for osteointegration

Safety information
Each donor is thoroughly evaluated using medical/social history questions, medical records, blood tests, culture results, physical examination and autopsy reports (when performed). This process is used to ensure the donor is suitable for donation by allowing to recognize and exclude potential diseases or medical conditions that are unacceptable.

Specific lab tests are performed for Syphilis, Hepatitis B and C, HIV and other viruses. All of the donor chart information is evaluated by individuals trained in tissue banking, prior to the processing of the tissue.

Tissue grafts are rinsed and soaked in various solutions to minimize transmission of bacteria and viruses. Processing and packaging of the tissue are performed using aseptic technique and occur in a clean room.

As an added margin of safety, a low dose gamma irradiation after final packaging of the musculoskeletal grafts is utilized.

AATB accredited source and mandatory CTO registered with Health Canada.

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